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21-Day Diet Detox Color Yourself Skinny
21-Day Fitness Challenge

21-Day Fitness Challenge

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Happy Monday! Looking to spice things up in your activity routine? How about a solid, serious challenge!? The 21-Day Fitness Challenge is hot off the presses and ready to go! If you are ready to feel fitter and be stronger by November 3rd, then start today!

Last week I wrote a post about how to get your fitness back. Two of my top tips were to set small goals and mix things up. So this week, my boyfriend and I have decided to officially start the 21-Day Fitness Challenge, which is one of the components of Color Yourself Skinny 21-Day Diet Detox.

What is the 21-Day Fitness Challenge?

  • 6 different, challenging workouts that are repeated weekly for 3 weeks.
  • Workouts are all excuse free (the only equipment you will need is a resistance band and a bench)  and mostly work against the resistance of your own body weight.
  • Workouts are short, only 21-minutes and include warm up stretching, high intensity cardio bursts, challenging muscle strengthening moves, a solid core workout and a cool down with appropriate stretching.
  • Each workout is aptly named for the area of your body they are targeted to strengthen, shape and tone; Tank Top Trim, Lean Leg Series, Get Rid of the Jig, Get Your Speed on and Rock Your Core.
  • All workouts come with an accompanying video demonstration that illustrates beginner, intermediate and advanced variations of each move. This ensures the challenge will work for you no matter what your fitness level is today, and will challenge you tomorrow and beyond.
  • Includes a 21-Day specific tracking sheet which allows you to record the number of repetitions you are able to complete of each of the strengthening moves. This gives you benchmarks, targets and a way to clearly measure your success!

Why the 21-Day Fitness Challenge works

  • Workouts target different muscle groups each day and challenges your core daily. This variety allows for fatigue and recovery of muscle groups.
  • Each workout is only 21-minutes. Meaning all you have to do is set your alarm clock less than a half hour early for 21-days. The increase in productivity and mental clarity you gain from the challenge will more than make up for the early alarm clock.
  • Tracking is easy and results are motivating! You will repeat each workout three times. This gives you a benchmark and also clear goals for the following weeks. Your body will do what your mind can see. Access to these targets is a key component to success.
  • There is a small financial investment to gain access to the fat blasting workouts, video demonstrations and tracking sheet. You’ve heard the term, “you get what you pay for.” The small financial investment is a way to enhance and secure commitment. Freebies are great — but easy to take for granted and often forgotten. Invest in your success for  just $1 a day and feel, see and live the benefits of greater fitness from here on out!

Why the 21-Day Fitness Challenge is Fun

  • Anybody can do it, invite your friends to hold yourself accountable and make it more fun!
  • It’s a short enough commitment to not be overwhelming, but long enough to see some results.  Just 21-minutes a day for 21-days. And you can repeat it as many times as you want!
  • You get to see your results! Visible changes in your body can take time, but strength improves quickly. This challenge gives you an easy way to literally watch your strength grow week over week.
  • Moves are simple and uncomplicated — but not easy! They get your heart beating, brow sweating and muscles pumping. This increases endorphins, releases stress and increases confidence and productivity. What is more fun that that?
  • Bonus material in the workout guide can help you reframe and reshape the way you feel about fitness. Not just for the next 21-days, but the rest of your life.

If you start today, you will be stronger, leaner, firmer, more confident and happier by November 3rd! And you’ll get to do it with me and my boyfriend! We both kicked off this morning with Tank Top Trim and let me tell you, it does not matter your fitness level, it’s a challenging 21 minutes!

Join us!

Or if you’re really feeling up for it — check out the rest of my weight loss products that are available for sale this week!

21 Day Fitness Challenge

My Detox Update

Let me end this by saying what a difference a few weeks can make! 14 days ago I got home from a 10 day, overly indulgent adventure through Europe. If you recall, I had a true confessional blog post. We had a blast, and all the affects or our fun were clearly displayed on my body. I felt fluffy, flabby, squishy and overall dissatisfied with the my condition. The positive thing about feeling that way, is that its a force for change. In 2 weeks, I have returned to the gym, the road and my kitchen. I’m feeling lighter (because I am!), brighter and and overall optimistic about not just the NYC marathon, but about myself and health in general. I am so excited to see how I feel come November 3rd!

21-Day Fitness Challenge

21-Day Diet Detox Color Yourself Skinny


  1. Will you be doing another 21 day challenge? I wanted to purchase it but I just had jaw surgery two days ago and I’m laid up for awhile but would love to do this challenge soon! I’m guessing this is via email?

    • Hi Mio — this is actually a self paced 21-Day Challenge that you can do whenever you want :) Just purchase your system, plan your start date and go! It is also a good idea to coral a group of peeps to do it with you to hold each other accountable. And because there are Levels I, II, and II for all the exercises, you can repeat this challenge as often as you want and still see results!

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