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30 Day Full Body Challenge – 2013 Fitness Round Up!

30 Day Full Body Challenge – 2013 Fitness Round Up!

Are you Ready to Challenge Every Major Muscle Group in your Body this Month?

We Are! In May 2013, we launched the 30-Day Challenge Series with the Push-up Challenge. Since then we’ve grown to over 7K Fans on FaceBook and 20K have been invited to play in 10 different fitness and nutrition related challenges.  Together we’ve launched the Abs, Lunge, Move a Mile, Arms and Plank Challenges. So we’re about to wrap up 2013 and guess what — it’s time to wrap all of those into one killer fitness challenge!

To Date, No Challenge has been as Popular as the Push-Up Challenge

Let’s see if we can out do it with the 2013 Round Up the 30-Day Full Body Challenge!!

30 Day Challenge Round Up

How Will The 30-Day Full Body Challenge Work?

It’s a round up of all the fitness challenges we’ve done in 2013! So click on each of the links for reminders and refreshers on what each of these moves are and see below for the quick reference cheat sheet for how this will all go down.

Do not forget to get your tracker for this Challenge!

30 Day Full Body Challenge Tracker

Why Should You Join the 30-Day Full Body Challenge?

Because December is one of the easiest months to get off track! Between the cool weather, stacked social calendar,  over abundance of delicious bites and sweet treats within arms reach, it’s definitely more challenging to stay fit, healthy and fun. But that does not mean it cannon be done. Committing to something as simple as the 30-Day Full Body Challenge will give you something each day to focus on. and week over week, you’ll get stronger and see the growth and progress. Results are motivating, so when you get them — those little pieces of cake and extra globs of gravy just don’t look so good when you know they are in-between you and your goals.

How Do You Get Started on The 30-Day Full Body Challenge?

  1. Like the 30 Day Challenge Series on FaceBook now and follow us on Twitter.
  2. Click on Events, find the 30-Day Full Body Challenge and click “Join.”
  3. Enlist support and invite your friends. Will make it easier and way more fun!
  4. Get access to all the trackers by joining the community here. If you have already signed up for a Challenge Series Event in the past or a part of the community, then you will receive the monthly broadcast email later today with a link to all the updated trackers.
  5. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts SUNDAY 12/1/13!
  6. Take your before picture because you will want it in 30 days from now!
  7. Post in the event page or tweet us @30_Challenge daily how each day is going. Let’s see how strong everybody gets in just 30-Days!

We Can Do This!


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  1. I can’t find how to join the 30 day full body challenge I’ve really liked doing the challenges! Thanks!

    • Hi Anne — so glad you are liking all the challenges! If you are already signed up, you would have received an email from me with your December Challenge and all the updated links. If you did not get that email, let me know and I can resend it :)

  2. I tried to join the community… but I never received an email. When I try to complete the form again (like it says to do if needed), a message tells me that my email has not yet been confirmed. Help?

    • Hi Jessica — did you check your spam folder? You need to confirm your email and when you do, you get the welcome email with all the links to the trackers :) Let me know if you’re still having trouble!

  3. This is great! I’m joining!

  4. Just tried to join but he email sent to activate my account for the 30 day challenge referred only to a 21 day make-over.

    • Yes, that was really confusing, I’m sorry! I merged lists in an effort to simplify everything, so all the tools are in one email now. However, the confirmation email was not updated until Saturday night — sorry! Hopefully you were able to find the trackers, if not, let me know and I can resend.

  5. I got the same email as Ywecker….one about a 21-day make-over. Sorry all I want to do is stay involved in the 30 day challenges.

  6. I joined, received the email, but like you all it took me to the 21 Day Makeover. I just want to try the challenge. I don’t see anywhere where I have the option to join the event. I looked up 30 Day Full Body Challenge on Facebook and found many groups, mostly closed, but not sure any of them are this exact group. HELP!

    • Just accept the Link in the confirmation email…it will generate a second email that gives you access to the site and the 30 day challenge.

    • Eastjack055 — let me know if you are still having any trouble locating the tracker or joining the FB group. And the 21-Day “makeover” is just a healthy eating plan, so don’t be too afraid if it either ;)

  7. Hello. Would you be willing to create a group on Facebook for all participants to join in so that we can all communicate with each other that way, instead of on the events page? The one you created on Facebook is just an invitation to the event, not as good as a group.

    • I’d be interested in doing anything that makes it easier for people to stay motivated and the event more fun! But I don’t to make it anymore confusing either ;) Can you message me the benefits of the group over the event page and we can see what is the best option?

  8. https://www.facebook.com/events/1414716582096191/
    I believe this is the link to join the event.

  9. For the plank challenge do you mean do Levels 1-4 planks (all four different positions) or at the level that you can do? Thanks.

    • Hi chattynatty! No — you do not need to do all for levels :) Start with level one and if you can hold it for 90 seconds, than it’s too easy for you and you should move to level 2 and so one. When you get to level for, the dynamic moves, then you just go for as long as you can. This method ensures everybody gets the right workout and you can continue to challenge your muscles as you grow and maximize your time. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  10. Can you please post the video for the ab challenge? Its not posted on Facebook.

  11. Hello!

    I tried to download the Tracker but it only shows half. Thank you!

  12. is there a link to how to do the exercises in the correct format? If so, I am not finding it here.

  13. I’m interested in doing your challenges, but wondering if you do the challenge of the day in addition to your other workouts or as the only workout for the day. I do HIIT (bodywt exercises, kettlebells, TRX, etc) workouts 2-3 days/wk and run easy or intervals on the other days. There was no way I could do the tri push ups and dips today after I was done…so I’m wondering how you schedule the “challenge” workout in.

    • Hi Kristin — great question! The challenges are designed to be excuse free and fun to get people excited about being active every day. It sounds like you already have a pretty tough schedule in place that is challenging your muscles — awesome! You and your trainer know your body best, but it’s probably a good idea to double up on portions of this challenge on the days you are tearing down your muscles to bring your workout to the next level. But I wouldn’t suggest messing with your recovery days. Your muscles really do need the time to repair and grow stronger. Does that help? Congrats again on a great system you seem to have in place and keep it up!

      • That’s what I was wondering about – the recovery. Do you run into any issues with recovery when doing 100 push ups a day? I’ve done “race to 100 burpees” a few times (with the push up in the burpee), and from that I remember being pretty shot the next day. (I’m my own trainer…was a college runner & then a trainer for 6 years. Now I stay home with my 4 kids, oldest being 6 yrs old.) Would you suggest still doing the 100 push ups a day on the recovery day, too, and maybe mixing it into the workout on the strength workout days? Or, for the 30 days during the push ups challenge should there be limited other upper body work?

        • The push-up challenge is great if you’re not wildly active in other muscle strengthening work. I would not suggest you do the 100 push-ups on days you are recovering from tough work. Especially if you find you are doing tons of work and not getting any stronger — it’s like chasing your tail ;) So either limit your intense upper body work when doing it to see how effective it can be – OR – double up on it on your upper body days and skip it on recovery days to allow for strength building. Make sense? Keep me posted!

  14. How did I miss this?!? Am I too late to join? Love the idea of a monthly challenge!

    • Jill — you’re never too late to get fit! Join in any challenge and new ones start on the first of every month! The December challenge we have right now, the full body is a hit! Start now!! Have fun :)

  15. Hello,
    Where can I access all of the trackers for the different challenges?

  16. Hello. Will you be having a clean eating challenge coming up sometime soon??? That would’ve a great way to start the New Year! :)

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