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21-Day Diet Detox Color Yourself Skinny
Color Yourself Skinny 21 Day Diet Detox – Introduction!

Color Yourself Skinny 21 Day Diet Detox – Introduction!

UPDATED 6/12 — I’m so excited! The Ambassador Team is officially full! Thank you all for your interest, I’m so happy to have had such great response thus far. It’s a good sign that this program is going to be amazing!


Are you ready to flush out toxins that come from a tough life and rough diet?  Have you been looking for a 21 Day Diet Detox to help you hit the reset button and drop some weight?  Have you been feeling like you’re just in a fluffy funk and you want to break free — but don’t really want to give up your lifestyle comforts of bread, cheese, alcohol, and coffee?


If you are really ready to build longterm, sustainable habits that support a vibrant body — inside and out — then…

The Color Yourself Skinny 21 Day Diet Detox may be exactly what you need.

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With my 15 years of experience in the health, wellness, nutrition and fitness industries, I’ve seen my fare share of detox programs and diets. I’ve worked with clients all over the country and have seen the detriments of the all nothing approach. I’ve witnessed and experienced what happens in extreme dieting. It’s tough to eliminate entire food groups like carbs, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, etc, but rewarding because the scale does drop, and in some cases — FAST! But sadly, I’ve watched it all come back like a boomerang when old habits snap back into place. Restrictive diets work, no doubt! But it’s the after affect that it leaves on your mind, body and heart that wreaks havoc.

Extreme elimination diets don’t work in the long run for several reasons, but in my opinion, here are the largest two issues:
  • If you think of a diet as holding your breath under water for too long; what happens when you come up for air? You gasp in and far exceed what you thought your normal lung capacity was!  That happens with food. It’s human nature to want what we can’t have. Despite even your strongest self control, when the time limit is up and the game is over — it’s more than likely you’ll over indulge. You can’t cut out life’s pleasures, it’s just not realistic. What you can do is learn to enjoy them in moderation.
  • When you’re looking to go into a short term “diet” you wait for the perfect time, right? So in essence, they happen in a vacuum and they aren’t long enough for you to develop any new habit or gain new skill when it comes to dealing with the stuff life brings up. Family will always visit, friends will always have parties, the holidays will come every year. To gain real life skill that is a part of a happy, healthy lifestyle, you need to commit some time, and move through the inevitable life events — the smart way. You can’t hide from the fun stuff, just because you’re on a “diet!”

It’s time to stop this roller coaster! 

5-13_diet rollercoaster

This is why I’m so passionate about the “Color Me Skinny 21 Day Diet Detox.” It may not be what it initially sounds like. We’re looking at taking a detox from dieting. Getting away from getting away from your favorite things and learning how to enjoy a little bit of everything. It’s true, excessive bread, cheese, booze and coffee are not “good for you,” but in life, just about everything in excess isn’t good for you! The Color Me Skinny 21 Day Diet Detox will teach you how to find balance, satisfaction and still slim your booty! But most importantly you will gain control of your diet and put your body back in balance while you identify strategies, foods, exercises, and tips that will work for you well beyond the 21 days. And you can do this relatively easily, the hardest part is making the decision that you are worth the effort :) You only get one body and one life, why not live it in your strongest, healthiest, happiest condition?

This is real success. 

5-13_diet evolution

I’ve been researching 21 day diets, detoxes and cleanses and I just can’t find one that suits all my needs. So through my research, I’ve decided to create my own, and viola, the Color Me Skinny 21 Day Diet Detox concept was born! I’m in the thick of development now. I plan to launch one of the most extensive, effective and enjoyable Diet Detox programs on the market. It will include over 130 recipes for meals, snacks, deserts, raw juices and smoothies and of course cocktails*. All broken into color groups. A “fun fact” style nutrition guide, helping you understand why the colors work. As if feeling better isn’t enough, you may find it helpful to know what’s helping fight cancer, strengthen your bones and regulate your mood. Goal sheets, tracking tools, everything you need to start healthy habits from day 1. And most importantly, the support structure to realize which ones will work for you in the long run.

*even though studies have shown that those who consume alcohol in moderation (1-2 drinks per day) live longer, healthier and more satisfying lives, I’m not suggesting you do indulge daily. I’d limit to once per week (if at all) during the “diet detox” because you really are trying to slim down and perk up — excess alcohol can have the exact revers affect.

The recipes in the 21 Day Color Yourself Skinny Diet Detox are delicious — here’s a sneak peek!

Color me Skinny Diet DetoxWhy the Color Me Skinny 21 Day Diet Detox will work:

  • By putting a emphasis on colors, not calories! Forcing you to try new ingredients and see what works for you. By getting in something from every color group, you will be giving your body all the nutrition it needs for balance, eliminating cravings.
  • By focusing on getting in a little bit of everything — without having to eliminate anything! You’ve heard me rant on the all or nothing approach. By having little nutritious treats from all across the color spectrum, you’ll be nourished and satisfied.
  • By discovering excuse free and fun activities that you can do anywhere to boost your mood and your metabolism. If you hate the gym and think exercise isn’t for you — think again!  You do not have to be sweating it out in the indoors to burn calories nor will you need any fancy equipment.
  • By introducing you to a community with shared goals and interests, that will help you be successful in the long run. In addition to daily email support from the team at Eat. Drink & be Skinny, you’ll find a community trying the same things.
  • By providing enough structure to allow you to be successful, but the flexibility to be comfortable and satisfied. As you work through the detox and find new foods and exercises that help you create new habits, you will have a set of tools to  help you keep track and understand what is working, and what’s not.


To stay in the loop on development and to be the amongst the first to know when it’s released — sign up here!

I need your help and what’s in it for you?

Now I want to know what you think! It will be far easier to know now what I may be missing or what could be helpful as a part of this diet detox. I’m looking for members of my existing community to be ambassadors of this new, innovative, comprehensive and most of all, satisfying and fun diet detox! I’d like to have you review the materials as they become available, test the recipes, try the program! In exchange — you’ll get a free copy of the final product, special credit in the resources and references page as well as an opportunity to be a featured “success story” on the home page.

Sound fun? Just fill out this form and let’s get in touch! 

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Don’t forget, even if you’re not up for being an Ambassador, you can still sign up here to be added to the Color Me Skinny 21 Day Diet Detox info and updates list!

You could be just 21 days away from a healthier, happier, more brilliant version of yourself!

We Can Do This!


21-Day Diet Detox Color Yourself Skinny

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21-Day Diet Detox Color Yourself Skinny
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