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21-Day Diet Detox Color Yourself Skinny
Detox my Vegas Retox

Detox my Vegas Retox

It does not matter how “good” you try to be, 5 days in Vegas will take its toll on your body one way or another. I was there for a work conference, which we extended for an extra Saturday night. Today I’m lethargic, brutalized with blisters, suffering a sore throat and carrying around an extra 3 lbs (which, to be honest, I’m really surprised it’s only 3 lbs.) I’m 8 weeks out from the Boston Marathon, this is a terrible condition to be in. So I need to refresh/recharge ASAP.  For those of you who know me or have followed my blog for a while now, you may be picking up on the fact that I live in a constant state of Detox and Retox.  I know how to do them both quite well ;) 

Here are my goals for this round of detox: full body recovery, rest, flush out, purify, energize, depuff

I pulled out the Super Cleans book by Adina Nemerow and this is pretty much her recommendation for the Karma Cleanse. Which was appealing to me because you can customize the veggies based on your Dosha. And I love a little quiz, so I’m kind of liking the personalized approach. While it wasn’t 100% clear which of the three I feel in (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) I mostly fell in the Vata category. This means I can beef up on veggies like avocados, beets, carrots, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, artichokes, asparagus, and arugula. There are a few more too, but these are actually some of my favorite. I added the different breakfast because I love it, and it’s still vegan, clean and feels more like breakfast. I also added the Vega shake, because I exercise a lot and feel the extra few g’s of protein will serve me well.

So this is what I plan to do for the next 10 days:

  • 6am – Rise and Shine with hot water, lemon and cinnamon
  • 6am – 1 hour cardio, weights, run or yoga
  • 7am – Vega protein shake with fresh apple juice and ½ banana
  • 8am – Steal Cut or whole oats with berries, almond milk, chopped apple, almonds and cinnamon
  • 10am – Green Juice
  • 12pm – Mixture of brown rice or quinoa with, sprouted mung beans or lentils with various vegetables. Olive oil, sea salt and vinegars to taste.  
  • 2pm – Green Juice
  • 4pm – Mixture of brown rice or quinoa with, sprouted mung beans or lentils with various vegetables. Olive oil, sea salt and vinegars to taste.
  • 6pm –  1 hour cardio, weights, run or yoga
  • 7pm – Green Juice or Vega protein shake
  • 8pm- Hot tea, the super dieter kind
  • 10pm – Lights out

1325-1500 calories per day

So while this cleanse isn’t really designed for “weight loss” as it’s a pretty normal load of calories. You’ve got to be careful with a lot of these “detox” “juicing” “cleanses” these days. Many of them are super low in calories. Like 500 a day. Yes you can get through it, and yes, you will lose weight and actually yes, you will probably feel amazing when you’re done. But it’s not really sustainable and/or healthy for you to cut calories so drastically just because you feel a little puffy.  In 10 days, this should result in a 2 lb REAL weight loss and likely the 3 lbs that are “fluff” and a total cleanse of my body inside an out. I can’t wait until Saturday March 2nd! If anything remarkable happens, I’ll be sure to post updates!

“Karma is the result of our own past actions and present doings. We ourselves are responsible for our own happiness and misery–in other words, we create our own heaven and our own hell. We are the architects of our own fate.”

–Mahasi Sayadaw

21-Day Diet Detox Color Yourself Skinny


  1. Do you like the Vega protein powders? I can’t have gluten, soy, dairy or sesame. I have a hard time with protein powders and try to find the most natural ones. I am currently trying Plant Fusion, but heard Vega is good. What are your thoughts?

  2. Hi Allie — I do actually really like Vega. I have the one that you must put in the blender with other fruits to make it tasty. But they have an entire line of performance powders also that are similar to a traditional protein powders. I have yet to try, but will when it’s time to replenish my supply :) I’m also working with Skinny Nutrition (Skinny Water) on a plant based smoothie product that looks awesome. I will keep you posted on that as well.

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21-Day Diet Detox Color Yourself Skinny
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